Innovative products to keep your pets comfortable and safe 
At Pet Protector Australia, we specialise in Cooling and Warming Products for Pets which are fantastic for keeping your pets cool and comfortable during our long, hot Summers or warm and cozy during Winter. We have something for most of our furry friends, including FurCode Smart ID Tags, Heating and Cooling Mats, Dog Warming and Dog Cooling Coats, Doggy Neck Coolers, and a range of Horse Cooling Coats and Gear. These products are all available in our Webstore.

Another essential item for your dogs and cats are our Non-toxic Flea and Tick Prevention Discs which are long lasting, effective, and very affordable. These are still quite new to Australia, and are proving to be very popular. You can read about our own personal experience with the discs and also some of our customer's testimonials to see what other's think.

All of our products can be ordered through our easy to use webstore for fast delivery World Wide

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bulldog wearing hyperkewl cooling coat

Pet Cooling Gear

Keep your Pets cool through Summer with our amazing range of Cooling Dog Coats and Pet Mats. Great for elderly or convalescing pets.

flea and tick discs non toxic

Flea & Tick Discs

Pet Protector flea and tick discs contain no toxins or drugs and are safe to use on puppies and kittens. 

work from home pet business

Want to Work From Home?

Work from Home Pet Business Opportunities for those interested in Natural Pet Care and Well-Being,

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  • "ASJA 8 ACD has suffered from flea allergies for years NOTHING worked and she is in such torment she pulls her fur out! Within ten days of using the PP disc no fleas, fur patches..."
    Asja Blue's Mum

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