Quotes The neck cooler and cooling mat have saved my 11 year old maltese girl's life this week. Over 41 degrees this week I didn't think we would get through this so bless you and your products Quotes
Dog Owner

Quotes Hi Angela, I have to say I can't sing your praises loud enough. I will be recommending your products and, more importantly, your service to every pet owner I know! Not just happy with how this was dealt with, I am so very grateful that you sent the 2nd mat directly to my parents, it saved me having to deal with it, basically avoiding another trigger of the emotions of losing a pet. It might be small for you, but has meant the world to me and with that I cannot thank you enough. I will be ordering more from you in the future Thank you Michelle Quotes

Quotes ASJA 8 ACD has suffered from flea allergies for years NOTHING worked and she is in such torment she pulls her fur out! Within ten days of using the PP disc no fleas, fur patches growing back, even fleas in grass outside GONE Couldn't be happier and Asja is a very relieved and happy blue cattle dog again Quotes
Asja Blue's Mum

Quotes this is my boy jack with his pet protector disc, he is 13 now so i get a bit concerned with using chemicals on him. He has had the disc for about 6 weeks now and so far im happy to say he is tick and flea free,, thanks Pet Protector Australia Quotes
Customer - Australia

Quotes Hi Angela, Thanks for sending me this. I have just placed my order! Awesome deals and now all of my mates will be covered. I have had very good results so far and think it is worth investing in the extra 3 discs. We have had one that has broken the ring though. I am thinking I will use a zip tie or something to secure it. They are rat bags at doing that! Thanks again, Kellie Quotes

Quotes Pet protector discs can be used on dogs of all sizes. Dexter has had his on for 2months now and is still flea free. Quotes
Sarah F. Qld
Dog Lover & Customer

Quotes Tiddles showing off her Pet Protector disc. She has had it on for 8 weeks and no fleas or ticks. Tiddles has alot of serious health issues and we were concerned about changing to a new type of prevention but she has had no reactions. My parents have also been using the disc for the past couple of months and there dog has also had no fleas or ticks so we are all really happy with the product and are more than happy to recommend it. Quotes
Sarah F. Qld
Dog Lover & Customer

Quotes Hey Angela, We are also flea and tick free. Seem to be helping with the mozzies, so all is going well. I am very impressed with how they are working so far and looking forward to get some more for the rest of the tribe!!! I am very interested in becoming a member of your team also. Just need to find the time to get organised! Cheers, Kellie Quotes
Kellie W, Qld

Quotes Two years ago I got a kitten for my birthday. I got very attached to it. You can't believe how much love that animal can give. But last summer I was very worried. I am allergic to flea bites so I was worried that she would get them from the cats that always come into our yard. But 20 days later my Delma started to scratch herself a lot. I realized that the ampoules weren't protecting her enough. I complained to my uncle who has a dog and he recommended I use Pet Protector. I started using it and I am very satisfied. My Delma hasn't had a single flea since then and I am much less worried when she plays with other cats. Quotes
Andrea Wegener