How to Get Best Results from Pet Protector Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Discs

I have been using a non-toxic flea and tick disc on my dog since June or July 2012, and haven't had to use any other form of flea control since then.

I have had lots of great customer feedback about the discs also, most people seem to have had great results, but there have been a small minority who haven't been fully satisfied with the results.

Like every other flea product on the market, the discs do not offer 100% protection, and I suggest that if you are in an area where there is high flea infestation, that you couple the disc with another safe method of control - there is no need to resort to expensive, toxic chemicals ... it just might take a little more effort and persistence than simply applying a drop of poison to the back of your pet's neck.

Here are some products that I stock, which can assist in the fight against fleas:

1. Cedarwood essential oil, a couple of drops can be applied diluted with carrier oil (coconut oil etc) to your dog or cat, dilute in water and use as a spray for pet and bedding (10-15 drops), can be used in a raindrop aromatherapy collar pendant for pets (2-3 drops) with sensitive skin, or add a few drops to your favourite pet shampoo. Cedarwood oil is known to kill fleas on contact. Highly concentrated, a bottle will last for ages.

All of these products are available in our ONLINE SHOP

2. PN Pet Minerals contain sulphur which is known to be a building block of many amino acids, is an internal flea repellent and a biological marker for good health. In sufficient quantity, sulphur imparts a scent to the skin that keeps fleas away. Healthy from the inside. 

3. Raindrop Aromatherapy Pendants, these attach to your dog or cat's collar, simply apply a couple of drops of cedarwood oil to the wick, and the oil will diffuse it's scent for days. Just top up when the scent fades. Remember dogs have more sensitive noses than us, so start by adding a drop at a time and if your dog doesn't like it, just remove from his collar. A sample of Peace and Calming oil is included which is great for anxious or nervous dogs.

All of these products are available in our ONLINE SHOP


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