Work From Home Pet Business

Work From Home Pet Business

If you are interested in your own home based business, here are several exciting 

Work From Home Pet Business opportunities.

NOTE: These are not wages jobs, they are business opportunities

pet affiliate program

Now you can promote Pet Protector Australia's products on your site more easily by joining our Affiliate Program.

Our Affiliate Program allows you to turn Pet Protector Australia's selection into revenue for yourself or your association. Join our affiliate program and put your web traffic to work for you. When we make a sale to a customer referred from your web site, you earn commission. We handle all of the transaction details. It's that simple.

We carry unique and hard to find pet supplies that your visitors can't find elsewhere, which means more motivated buyers, better conversion, and more commissions for you.

Joining is free and easy, click here to join now -

wholesale pet aromatherapy pendants

Resellers Wanted for our very popular Pet Aromatherapy Pendants! (World Wide)

Great product for Groomers, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, Veterinarians, Pet Shops, Boarding Kennels, Rescue Groups (Fundraisers) etc ... or individuals looking for a fabulous, easy to sell product that will help pets and their owners. Great for markets and pet expos, this is a great way to start your own  Work From Home Pet Business

Each pack contains - 1 Pendant (various styles available), 1 Sample of Peace & Calming or Lavender Oil, 3 Wicks, How to Use Instructions

There is also the opportunity for recurring income by joining Young Living as a Distributor, most customers choose to buy a bottle of oil either when purchasing a pendant, or when they have had success with the sample included.

No registration required to be a reseller simply order a minimum of 10 packs from our Webstore, Your wholesale pricing will be applied automatically.

RRP for the pendants is $19.99, but you are free to set your own prices.

sell pet tags retail


Did you know 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime? This is why we developed an innovative pet tag to help you get your pet back whether they are lost or stolen.

Our pet tag uses a small ($100 REWARD WHICH WE PAY, NOT YOU ) along with basic human psychology to get a person to return your pet to you instead of keeping or selling him or her. We track the IP Address of the person who accessed your pet's file.


Would you like to earn an additional income with this amazing product? 

Anyone can do it! Worldwide Opportunity, tags work in all countries ~

Click the "Affiliate" tab on the website to register
Australian Business Opportunity


Become an independent distributor for Paradise Nutrients Mineral Products - 100% Aussie Owned, Qld Based Business (Humans, Horses & Pets) 

HORSE and ANIMAL RESCUE Groups - you can raise funds for your group by registering your group - ask us how!

For Details or to Register, go to Paradise Nutrients and click on the Rewards Program tab


Become an independent distributor for hugely popular Pet Protector Flea & Tick Discs!

You can sell the discs online or offline, they are a great product to add to existing pet related businesses, or as a stand alone business. 

Sell at markets, pet expos, dog parks, anywhere that pet owners hang out!

There is also an option to build your own team of distributors which will earn you passive income.


animal pain patches holograms

For thousands of years, Acupuncture (& Acupressure) have been recommended for the treatment of pain and to speed up recovery. RealTime Relief™ is an easy-to-use, “do-it-yourself” way of getting similar benefits. The disposable holograms communicate through the body’s meridians resulting in a harmonic and balanced body, assisting its ability to cleanse, balance and build.